Connecting the PAYD PIN Pad to the App

Once the Moneris PAYD PIN Pad has been configured and  paired to the Apple iPad, the PAYD Pro Plus App needs to be configured to connect to the PAYD PIN Pad.

  1. Ensure the PAYD PIN pad is powered on and paired to the tablet.

  2. Tap the Settings button (A white gear icon on a teal button.).

  3. On the main menu, tap Configuration.

  4. In the Configuration screen, tap Devices.

  5. On the right pane, toggle the Enable PIN Pad switch to the right (Enabled).

  6. Tap Setup.

  7. In the PIN Pad Configuration popup, tap Bluetooth (ensure that it has a checkmark), then tap Finish.

The Configuration – Devices screen reappears. The PIN Pad’s 8-digit ID number appears e.g. “Bluetooth: I6012345”.

  1. To enable tip prompts for credit and debit card transactions, toggle the Enable debit / credit card tipping switch to the right (Enabled). If you don’t want tipping prompts to be visible to the customer, leave this switch untoggled.

  2. Initialise the PIN Pad.

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